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This series explored alienation, and the slow process of healing from a brain injury.  Being isolated during the pandemic reminded me of the loss of connection with others during my injury.   

From the Sherlock series form of recovery from mild TBI, I needed to explore a way of expressing deeper introspection how to convey how I felt during the worst days to healing.  


Years after TBI healing, I am distanced enough from the experience to convey it visually.  Recurring symbols, colors and shapes are the language which overlay monoprint palettes on Workers Comp and union correspondence, and my graph paper charts that recorded slow progress and setbacks as I couldn't remember what was going on. 


The horses I drew from Wild Hearts Equine Therapy are healing symbols as are birds, moons, ladders, fishermen, and children.  

The figures pose to convey how it felt: curling in a ball, turning away to avoid light, bending over, weighted in pain with moments of serenity and stillness. 


The injury taught me to respect myself and my limitations.  I hold tight to respect life and living things.  Sometimes respecting life is fierce as life can be confusing and harsh.  That's when turning to creative pursuits or reflecting on nature and arts is beneficial for healing.

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