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The figurative mixed media collage work explores injury, alienation, the healing process from a brain injury.  Gratitude for life and for the help I received from others balances denial, confusion, fear and stress.  Being isolated during the pandemic reminded me of the loss of connection with others during my injury.  The art's current journey moves into a deeper introspection of visualizing healing injustices and planetary climate change stress.  I believe this is work that humanity is doing or moving towards out of necessity.  Recurring symbols, colors and shapes are the language which overlay monoprint palettes and graph paper charts that I made to record progress and setbacks.  Birds, moons, ladders, fishermen, and children symbolize personal memories and experiences.  I love work by Edgar Degas, German Expressionists and Spanish artist Remedio Varo  ~ all who capture moments and private worlds using figures, interiors and nature. 

The figures convey how it felt: curling in a ball, turning away to avoid light, bending over, weighted in pain with moments of serenity and stillness.  The models are creative individuals in their own right; their choice of poses and facial expressions tell their stories.  When I use figures in my art, I honor  their poses to convey new meaning.​The injury, life and aging taught me to respect and accept myself and my limitations. 

We all have our stories - this is simply mine.

Moon Shadow
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