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The Sherlock​ Series  

(Click Image to preview all 20)


Initially painted as "film still” self portraits, I portray myself as characters along side the Great Sherlock Holmes played by Basil Rathbone: Watson, Irene Adler, Inspector Lestrade, various clients  The appropriated images are from Basil Rathbone’s film noire Sherlock Holmes series. These 'film stills' are inspired by Cindy Sherman's intimate examination of the stereotypes of women in society. The ever unfolding mystique of 'Sherlock' portrays a re-invented moment. The series evolved to include symbolic female imagery instead of me. Paintings are created on tar paper in oil pastel, oil paint and oil printing ink.  The tar paper adds a lively surface texture and offers a dialogue of golden hues.  The work started as a desire to be 'in' those old films after slow recovery from a brain injury.

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